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1. A bird too young to leave the nest
2. A young child
1. To lie close and snug, like a bird in a nest; to snuggle or cuddle


Rebecca is thrilled to present to you Nestling, the baby of Georgia and Kirilee , 'nestling', born in November 2012. This previoiusly owned Tasmanian business was created run by two mums, and good friends and has now passed to the next generation - a doting grandmother, Rebecca. nestling is a celebration of the love we have for our children and grandchildren, and our wish to make their journey through childhood a wonderful experience which will provide a wealth of happy memories.

As parents and grandparents some of our favourite times are those spent nestling with our children. We have compiled a range of clothing and products children will love to nestle in. nestling boutique caters for those who have just hatched through to those who think they are ready to leave the nest (even if they can barely dress themselves!!)

We understand the desire to have our children looking their best, whilst demonstrating their individuality. We love dressing our children and complementing their personalities through the latest fashion trends. Getting dressed should be fun!  The way we dress tells a story about ourselves; whether dressing for fun at home or child care; going out to parties and other special occasions; playtime at the park; snuggling up in bed; or visiting the grandparents. nestling boutique offers a range of classic, cute, hip, playful and stylish clothes for all occasions.

At nestling boutique we have brought together some of our favourite Australian and overseas brands for you to peruse and purchase at your leisure and hope our online boutique provides you with an enjoyable shopping experience. We have chosen these gorgeous items for their quality, comfort, style and practicality. 

All of our items will arrive beautifully presented, but we also realise that finding and sending the perfect gift can be a challenge, and we happily offer a gift wrapping service for those special occasions.

We aim to provide you with the excellent customer service and personal assistance you experience when visiting your favourite local boutique, and invite you to like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterst and Twitter We are constantly looking for ways to improve and would encourage you to contact us by email with any suggestions you may have to make our store even better. Also, have a look at our blog, 'From the nest...' for more information about our brands as well as a range of topics we think you might find interesting

Join us on the adventure of motherhood as our online boutique grows to cater for all your children’s retail needs, and let nestling assist you to guide your child as they develop their own sense of style. 

Happy shopping and cherish your nestlings,



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